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The Appropriate Choice When It Comes to Clerical Shirts and Collars

Regardless of one's specific religious affiliation, the wearing of the clerical collar has long been seen as a symbol of a person's vocation in the church. Clerical collars are no longer the traditional straight and thin white neckties used by clergymen; they've developed into a variety of more fashionable styles throughout the years.

Collars were first worn by clergy in the sixth century as a means of distinguishing them from other members of the clergy. As part of a priest's daytime and formal dress, the collar is easily recognizable by a little white rectangle poking out from between the collars of his shirts.

The complete Vicar's collar, on the other hand, is still worn by certain priests, which implies that the white-collar covers the whole circumference of their necks. A "Brother's Collar" or "Brothers Collarette," worn by members of religious orders, is remarkably similar to a traditional clerical collar but shows less of the white band.

Catholic Church Clergy Collar Shirt
Bishops, priests, and deacons of the Catholic Church wear the clerical collar along with their cassocks during liturgical celebrations, as do seminarians. However, since the cassock is more typically, though not always, worn to class, a simple white Clergy Collar Shirt or a band collar without a collarette will usually do the trick instead.

Clerical shirts
Many western nations have used clergy collar shirts for decades now since they allow for a contemporary look while retaining the classic elements of clerical attire. Since a high-style collar isn't standard on suit jackets, several alterations were made to give the collar worn with a cassock the same appearance.

The Tonsure is a detachable collar that has a black collar with a white band integrated into it. This is a simple way to give a collarless shirt the look of a Roman cassock at the neck, just as any other removable collar with studs would.

To fit a complete wrap-around collar, such as the Vicar's, certain clergy shirts have a channel for a high collar to be affixed. To get the same effect, a portion of the collar is sewn onto the shirt, rather than the whole collar itself.

Are Priest Collars Making A Comeback?

Not many people know this but the white collar priests wear as part of their attire is of very recent invention.


Curiously and unfortunately enough, the reason most of us are familiar with the little white collar priests wear on their necks is not so much that church attendance is on the rise. It has more to do with how movies and popular culture portray religious leaders. It seems the easiest way to let people know there is a man of god on-screen is by slapping a cleric collar on his neck. Moreover, most people associate the little white tab with catholicism almost exclusively, and even call it "roman collar".



However, the collar saw its origins in the protestant reform. We must remember that reformists very much opposed the edicts of Rome and the Pope, but still preserved their vocation to serve God. Reformists needed to wear a distinctive dress that could be distinguished from lay people when about town, but also wanted to distance themselves from the typical Roman clerical attire.This gave way to the clerical cravat, a neck scarf tied around the neck that symbolized a yoke. It perfectly fulfilled its purpose and was soon adopted throughout the protestant world.


The cravat was worn on top of heavily starched garb collars that would be left straight up and visibly protruding from the top of the scarf. However, in the late 19th century, it became fashionable to turn the collars down, the same way most shirts are worn today. The clergy quickly adopted the style making their black garb collars cover most of the cravat, leaving only the front open, which resembles the modern clerical collar.


Oddly enough, during the first quarter of the twentieth century, Presbyterians and Anglicans would drop the use of cravats and collars. On the other hand, the catholic church instituted a strict dress code for priests that prescribed the use of the Roman cassock and the clerical collar. The answer from the protestant church was again to distance themselves from what was now seen as Catholic attire, and soon it became synonymous with allegiance to Rome.


This explains the tendency of reformist ministers to adopt a more informal or "mundane" attire.However, this tendency seems to be in reverse. Many churches are enforcing a more dignified clerical dress code, and pastors in most denominations have reclaimed the distinctive collar priests wear as a distinctive part of their vocation.


The question is if the clerical collar is about to become a spiritual statement once more. Many make the case that the ordained should wear the clerical collar at all times, and not only as part of their service clothes.


That's why stores like Divinity Clergy Wear have specialized in crafting high-quality garments for ministers and bishops of any denomination. They use the best materials for the clothing and they offer customization options. If you're looking for collar shirts or collar garments then contact them today. Visit their site and learn more about collar shirts for men and collar shirts for women.


What You Need To Know When Picking Out A Priest Shirt

Priests, pastors, and ministers all wear clergy clothes on a daily basis. In spite of the common misconception, priest shirts or clergy shirts can be seen in a wide variety of religious traditions, not just the Roman Catholic Church.

In the early days of Christianity, priests, and pastors dressed like everyone else. The color black has long been associated with formality and severity in the Catholic church. When Protestantism first emerged, certain sects maintained the custom of wearing clergy clothes, while others just dressed like the rest of society.

The priest shirt is also known as clergy shirt is a term that refers to the street apparel worn by clergy people. Both the neckband shirt and the tab collar shirt are available for clergy. The only distinguishing feature of a neckband shirt is the textile band that wraps around the neck. The clerical collar has been fastened. There is a gap in the front of the tab-collar shirt where the clerical collar can be seen.

According to statistics, black is a popular choice among Catholics because of its association with priestly attire. If you are a bishop in the United Methodist Church, you are not allowed to wear purple clergy shirts. Some Catholic priests in the tropics wear white shirts.

Protestants may wear a variety of colors, and there may be laws specific to each denomination. While purple or maroon are designated for bishops, black is the standard color in the United Methodist Church. While other colors may be worn on a daily basis, black remains the most recognized.

Colors are used in the church calendar to indicate different seasons. It is possible to wear clergy shirts instead of traditional priestly clothing. Traditionally, white has been reserved for ceremonial occasions including christenings, marriages, funerals, and secular celebrations. For ordinations and the installation of pastors, the color red is worn as a tribute to those who have been martyred. The color purple is associated with remorse.

The current priestly shirt can be traced back to the 19th century. Protestant ministers wore cravats and collars that were a bit higher up until that point. As the tendency for lowering the collar became popular, so did clergy attire.

In the case of permanent deacons, it is up to the individual diocese's bishop to determine what the deacon should wear. Deacons in the select archdiocese all over the world are permitted to wear a gray priest shirt with a black suit in order to better serve the community. For the most part, this is done so that they may be instantly and easily recognized as a deacon.

White is the most common color for priestly shirts. When serving in hot climates, clergy often use white garments to keep cool. Clergy or priestly shirts come in a variety of various hues.

If a religious order prefers to stick with the traditional black clergy sleeve for their priests and brothers, they can do so. For your priestly/clergy shirt needs, head straight to Divinity Clergy Wear and pick the most suitable color you need to complete your clerical wardrobe.

Things You Ought To Know About Clergy Shirts For Men

Depending on your level of familiarity with clerical garb, you may or may not be aware of the reasons for the wearing of clergy shirts in public. The clothes you wear may tell a lot about you, much as in many other professions. For religious leaders, clerical attire is a clear signal that the person wearing it represents the church.

If you're in the Catholic Church or another religious group, you'll likely be wearing a white collared shirt paired with some sort of vestment. Churchgoers regard these shirts, which are worn by priests as a symbol of their devotion, as an indication of their responsibilities to the community.

While serving in the church or in the community, priests, pastors, and other ministry leaders may don a clergy shirt as part of their uniform. There is a wide range of colors for clergy shirts for men, which might vary depending on the religion or religious group. A black shirt with a white priest collar is one of the most popular choices, especially for Catholic clergy or priests.

Many individuals don't know that clergy shirts for men come in two varieties. There are two types of collared shirts: the tab collar shirt and the neckband shirt. The fold-down collar of the tab-collar shirt features a hole at the throat where a neckpiece may be attached. A priest's collar is the easiest way to identify this. Mock turtleneck shirt-style narrow white fabric band wraps around the neck of the neckband shirt instead of a collar.

Many western nations have worn clerical shirts for decades now since they allow for a contemporary look while maintaining the classic elements of clerical attire.

To emulate the look of the cassock collar, numerous alterations were developed to fit garments that don't include a high-style collar. The Tonsure, a black collar with a white band, is one form of a detachable collar. This is a simple way to give a collarless shirt the look of a Roman cassock at the neck, just like any other removable collar with studs would.

For those who prefer the look of the Vicar's collar, certain clergy shirts for men have a high collar attached with a channel that can fit a full wrap-around neckpiece. In this case, just the black collar portion is linked to the shirt; the collar itself remains detached.

For example, the most common clerical shirt features a square hole in the front and a high collar with a tab. Priests may then easily insert a white plastic priest collar into the aperture using a simple slide motion. As a result of its simplicity and total comfort, this alternative is a popular choice. As a bonus, the flexible plastic collar doesn't stain as easily as cloth and is much easier to clean.

For a long time, Divinity Clergy Wear has proudly been the major provider of high-quality clergy vestments that reflect your expertise and commitment to your faith. They've listed, developed, and constructed the clerical gear you need so that your outfits meet your individual needs and keep you comfy. If you are interested in bespoke clergy robes and vestments, contact Divinity Clergy Wear for more information.

Clerical Apparel Inspo That Helps You Go About Your Day No Matter The Weather

There is nothing wrong with wearing the same uniform since it is prescribed by the church. Only when the weather is bad, certain clergymen and ladies find it difficult to conduct their duties. A continual transition between sunny and wet days occurs as the seasons change many times every year. It can even snow at times! As a result, when the weather is too hot or too cold, the traditional religious apparel may be thought inconvenient.

For this reason, it was a brilliant idea to design clerical shirts that would be appropriate no matter the weather or season. A full-cut tab collar shirt with short sleeves might be more appropriate in the summer. Also, male priests may wear vests over their long-sleeved robes in the winter to add a dash of elegance.

If you're seeking clergy fashion inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Clerical Shirts with a Neckband Collar
A clergy shirt with a neckband collar is an option if you'd want to experiment with a new look while keeping the traditional white clerical collar. This design allows you to have a different shirt color than your collar. If you choose a different shirt color, the collar will remain white.

Clerical Shirts with Tab Collars
Tab collar clergy shirts will save you time and effort when you just want to kick back and relax for the day. When there aren't many religious events planned for the day, this version is ideal. You don't need to get dressed up and go out if all you have planned is a daily devotion. If you don't have any formal religious ceremonies or social obligations, you can relax in your room and read a book while wearing only a shirt.

You'll be able to move about freely and comfortably in a regular shirt while yet feeling like yourself. Because just the middle portion of the collar is white, tab collar shirts blend in seamlessly with your regular wardrobe. Depending on your mood, choice, and personal style, you may even select different shirt colors. Additionally, this style is suitable for both sexes.

Clergy Shirts with No Sleeves
During the summer, it might get a little too sweltering. With a little help from the weather, it's a great way to cool off. As a result, sleeveless clerical attire will not only keep you cool but will also make you appear more businesslike and professional.

Although women can wear sleeveless clerical attire, males aren't allowed to. A formal jacket may simply be matched with it to amplify the look, and the elegance it radiates will be spectacular. They didn't have to spend a lot of time and effort to appear good.

Simple clothing can always be made more exquisite with a few minor tweaks because simplicity itself is a source of beauty. Having the ability to retouch is useful on occasion. Every day, the clergyman interacts with individuals. Keeping and maintaining a positive public image is essential, and clerical fashion is a wonderful way to do this. For various designs and quality clerical shirts, visit Divinity Clergy Wear and choose the most appropriate style that suits you.

Tips for Finding Great Clergy Suits for Women

No matter what kind of profession you are a part of, you want to dress the part and make sure that you are presenting yourself in the most appropriate way possible. There are particular needs and expectations for members of the clergy in particular, making it even more important to choose your clothing carefully. As a member of the clergy, you play an important role in the clergy and in the community as a whole. You need to set a good example for the younger congregants and represent the church with pride. The way that you dress while in service reflects on the church itself and you want to make sure that you can raise your head up, knowing that you are performing a valuable service to the community.

For women in particular, getting dressed for service can be a little more involved. Women generally have more options, although it depends on your own church of course. There are different types of clergy suits you can wear as a woman of faith and you want to choose the ones that are the most appropriate and feel the best suited for you. Since this may often feel a bit vague, we have some tips for finding clergy suits that you can be happy with. Much of the details come down to your personal preferences and what is allowed by your denomination, but when you consider those factors, you can then narrow your options down to several great pieces that you can wear regularly for service.

Traditional or Modern
The type of garment you wear speaks to your ideas of how clergy members should dress. Some stick to traditional robes that are simplistic but ageless. Others enjoy variety with more casual silhouettes of dress suits that feel more contemporary.

Choose Your Colors
The colors you choose are typically limited based on the denomination you are a part of and what your exact role is, as some are allowed to wear certain colors while others are not. If your church gives you some flexibility in this regard, you will want to select colors of clergy suits that carry some symbolic significance.

These are some good general details to keep track of as you shop for the right clergy suits that will match both the role and your preferences. With all of these ideas noted, you should be able to find some great pieces to wear for service that make you feel comfortable and presentable to the public. Now all you need is some direction for where you can purchase these kinds of garments. We like to recommend the brand divinityclergywear.com because of their great range of products, coupled with their clear passion for what they do, which is felt throughout the company. You can tell that they take pride in what they do and try their best to serve members of the clergy to the best of their abilities. Theirs is a great shop to check out, filled with women’s clergy suits so you can pick up everything you need from there.

The Advent Of Ladies Clergy Suits

Certain ecclesiastic traditions may sound anachronistic for many today. Even religious people have a hard time reconciling their beliefs with the glaring difference in treatment women and men receive in church, especially in their leadership circles.

However, Christianity, and the Western Civilization by addition, has made great advancements in this regard, even if it has been too slow for today´s generalized impatience. This is due to the nature of Christianity and the revealed word.

Women in the Old Testament played extremely significant roles and weren't particularly barred from having important agency or leadership.

Moreover, women proved to be extremely important during the early days of the church. In fact, according to Bishop Cyprian of Carthage, Christian maidens greatly outnumbered men during the second century, and by 400 Augustine declared that any old Christian woman surpassed most philosophers in terms of spiritual matters.

This has led to the now widely spread complementarianism. This idea holds that women and men are equal yet are called to fulfill different but complementary roles in religious practice. Many have interpreted this to say that women have to stick to complementary non-leadership roles within the church. However, this seems to go against what many sections in the scripture say about women in the church.

Romans 16, for example, gives us an account of how St Paul greets Phoebe as a Deacon of the church, Priscilla is recognized as a teacher in Acts 18, and the four daughters of Phillip had the gift of prophecy and inspired speech in Acts 21. These are clear examples of exemplary women in positions of leadership.

In the case of Pentecostalism, women played a huge role during its early days and featured many prominent figures in ladies clergy suits fulfilling ample church leadership and community roles. Moreover, the biggest denominations in America, including the Church Of God In Christ, recognize the extreme importance of women in the ministry. They played an important role being the first at the tomb when Jesus resurrected, and the many occasions where they were called to teach the Gospel (Philippians, Titus, Joel, and Romans). The church recognizes the talent of thousands of extremely talented, spirit-filled, and devout women that are currently conducting important affairs in their churches and communities.

The church does impose certain rules regarding proper dressing for women. They want to encourage laywomen to go back to more conservative dressing standards and refrain from wearing unnecessarily gaudy attire. However, many stores dedicated to providing clergy attire offer the perfect balance between beauty and fervor for both churchgoers and ladies in the ministry. Ladies clergy suits and robes for women now come in a variety of colors and styles that perfectly match the sobriety and dignity of the position while offering comfort and style. One of the best distributors for those looking for women preaching robes and clergy dresses is Divinity Clergy Wear. Visit their online store today and check out their incredible collection of ladies clergy suits for every occasion.

What Is the Purpose of Clergy Collars?

To the uninitiated, the sheer volume of different types of clerical clothing and vestments out there can seem to blur the lines of understanding. The names may even run together; cassocks, stoles, chimeres, rabats, rochets, albs, surplices - just to name a few.

How about the clergy collar? That is not a “garment,” per se, but many priests wear them. What function do they serve, and is there more than one type?

Why Priests Wear Clergy Collars
The clergy collar, which goes by a few different names, including clerical collar, and occasionally a Roman collar, was originally a flat, white collar of cotton that encircled at the neck and fastened at the back. Of these collars, only a small, white square was visible at the front of the neck; the instantly recognizable calling-card of a priest - the priest’s collar.

Though they were originally made of cotton or linen, today some of them are made from plastic, as these are easier to care for.

It’s also interesting to note that it was at first a statement of fashion, as it was customary in Late Medieval Europe to wear a linen collar or “collarino,” sometimes richly decorated, about the neck.

As time went on, the fashion fell out of style among all but the ordained. When Pope Urban VIII issued an early-1600s proclamation outlawing the ornamentation of the collar among the clergy, only plain, white collars remained.

As to the reason that priests wear them, one of them is simply for the purpose of identity. A priest can be immediately recognized by his clergy collar if he is wearing it, especially since the color white contrasts so sharply with the black of many clergy shirts and cassocks.

While one reason is for the purpose of identification, for some priests, the clergy collar takes on deeper symbolic significance. Some ordained clergymembers see the collar as a symbol of their subservience to God and as a reminder of their servitude. To them, it is like a spiritual “shackle.”

On the Different Types of Clergy Collars
Today, there are two main types of clergy collars: banded clerical collars and tab collars. Banded collars are traditional, encircling the neck with a piece of white linen or cotton, just as the original clerical collars did.

Tab collars are much more contemporary. These typically consist of a small piece (“tab”) of white plastic that can be inserted into a clergy shirt. The white tab shows through, giving the impression of a traditional collar, but many of these are made of plastic, and since they can be easily removed, are also easier to clean.

Visit Divinity Clergy Wear
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Are All Preaching Suits Black?

This is a question many people ask today. However, those used to attending service or versed in homiletic traditions, know full well that not all preaching suits are black. However, the dark color is a very common sight among the ordained, giving the layman an impression that most servants of God only wear black.

Nothing further from the truth. Preaching suits can come in several colors, with some denominations establishing more limitations than others.

What do colors mean?
Different colors in preaching suits have specific meanings. Some are tied to the relative position of the wearer within the church or during a service, others have more to do with specific occasions or events.

If you attend church every Sunday, as we all should, chances are the preacher delivering the sermon will wear a purple preaching suit under his church vestments. Purple, the color of patience and trust, usually designates a position within the church. Bishops usually wear the purple of the office to signify their rank. However, in many churches, only the highest-ranking bishop is allowed to wear purple. Everyone else must wear black so there is a clear distinction.

Another color we might see is cardinal red. This is more common among Catholics and methodist denominations, but many religious leaders in other Christian congregations will also wear the pentecostal red.

During formal ceremonies, like weddings and some holidays, many pastors and bishops choose the white that represents the purity of baptism. This color is not normally used in public so don't expect to see many preachers dressed in white.

Black is worn by most members of the church. It is the primary color and it has a meaning that is deeply ingrained in the Christian tradition. During the early days of the church, priests sought to differentiate themselves from the more colorful and mundane attire worn by laypeople. Black was simpler and less ostentatious and served as a daily reminder of their duty to serve a higher power.

Today, one can find clergy robes and vestments that exquisitely balance religious fervor with beauty. However, most priests will agree that wearing black makes things easier for them. Earning the respect of a fresh audience is always easier when keeping your attire simple and clean as it does not distract from the words we say, and it provides an air of dignity most people find difficult to ignore.

Also, if most of your preaching suits are black, you don't have to worry about what you are going to wear during service.

Keeping your dress code simple also boosts the effect you cause when you choose a more visually distinctive preaching suit or clergy shirt as your circle or congregation will tend to notice it, causing a far greater impact.

There are skilled makers dedicated to crafting high-quality preaching suits for all occasions. The garments created by Divinity Clergy Wear are all made with the best fabrics and incredible attention to detail, keeping the right balance between beauty and the dignity of the office. Visit their website or give them a call today to find the right outfit for your collection.

Find Clergy Shirts for Women and More at Divinity Clergywear

You already know that Divinity Clergywear can set up your priests, pastors and other members of your clergy in style with their many traditional and contemporary stylings of vestments. What you may not have known is that they are equally well poised to outfit the lady members of your church in the same styling.


Whether you are looking for clergy shirts for ladies, clergy robes for ladies or just some other vestments for the members of your women clergy. Whether you’re looking for traditional stylings or something bright and contemporary to accept the poise and character of your clergy members, Divinity Clergywear can help to outfit you in style.



Take a look at some of the styles they offer in clergy robes and Clergy Shirts For Women to get a sense of what we mean. If you’re looking for something traditional and demure, consider their Gershon two-piece skirt set for ladies in black and silver. This is one of their premier traditional offerings and somehow manages to throw a lot of style in the mix all the same. The two-piece design offers a simple black skirt and a black jacket featuring a beautiful brocade pattern. In addition, it shows off elegantly embroidered crosses on the cuffs for a little extra style. It’s tops if you’re looking for something simple for your women clergy.


Now, if you’re looking for something more contemporary, something a little brighter to highlight your clergy member’s personality rather than to mute it, Divinity Clergywear has even more to love. Take a look at their Rachel Clergy Robe for ladies in white & purple for a look that it will be hard to miss. White is often employed in clerical garments as a symbol of divine love or purity, and purple is also often associated with clerical applications. This particular set of robes for ladies is a fine example of some of the more contemporary styles you can find at Divinity Clergywear.


If you like that look, go with something even more vibrant from their collection, like their Ladies 3-piece preaching dress which comes with a detachable cape and is available in quite a flight of colors. Their white and gold model is a real piece of art, and like the other models in the line comes with a cape that is trimmed and handsomely embroidered with crosses. If this style appeals to you, right on their site you can find it in an array of other colors - blue and gold, black and gold and more.


That’s only a small sample of the clergy robes and clergy shirts for women that you can find on their website at DivinityClergywear.com. Just visit their website for a look at some of their more vibrant offerings, of which we’ve only scratched the surface here. They offer a wide range of sizes, fast shipping, and excellent customer service on top of their broad portfolio of products. Which reminds us - if you need help looking for something or finding it, give them a call at 877-453-3535 and their team can help point you in the right direction.

Get Your Choir Robes At Divinity Clergy Wear

At first glance, it can be fairly difficult to differentiate the different styles of robes, vestments, and accessories worn by members of the clergy as well as the accessories that they use. This matter is only compounded by the fact that different denominations use vestments, and iterations of vestments, differently throughout their services.


Typically, robes differ from other vestments in that they evolved from a form of dress that was part of lay attire. Specifically, robes evolved from a form of academic dress, so in fact, they were rather absorbed by the church than developed by it.



While there are no hard and fast universal rules for what defines Choir Robes as they are popularly recognized, the image of them is typically an unembellished garment, typically running to the ankle, that is worn by members of the chorus as part of a service. If you’re looking for choir robes and want quite a bit of variety to choose from to outfit your chorus for the many different times in the liturgical year, take a look at DivinityClergyWear.com.


Divinity Clergy Wear is a refreshing supplier of vestments and other garments for liturgical use and can outfit your members for effectively any service at any time of you. With simple, steadfast vestments to put forth the most austere impressions to wonderfully colorful robes and vestments that will allow the persona of your preachers and the individuality of your church to shine through, they offer everything you could need to outfit your clergymen.


If you’re looking for choir robes, take a look at their site to see what types of garments they can offer your singers in your chorus. You’ll find the simplest offerings in plain white with no embroidery to give your chorus a pure, unadulterated image that can be afforded only by such simplicity. You’ll also find colorful robes and jackets in many colors such as white, blue, purple, red, even black and more. They make it easy for you to change up the impression of your chorus for the different times of the calendar and the nature of the many services you will offer. You’ll also find that you can easily apparel your men and women singers easily with their high-quality robes for members of church choirs.


Perhaps the best part of shopping with Divinity Clergy Wear is the adaptability they can offer you. While competitors might offer one or two lines of choir gowns, at Divinity Clergy Wear you can find many different models and styles in just as many colors.


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Divinity Clergy Wear Has Some Unique, Colorful Styles Of Pastor Robes

So you’re looking for Pastor Robes for the members of your clergy or your church organization. You might be looking for new robes because you want to do a rebrand of your church, to give the community a fresh style that will represent their partnership with the church. Perhaps you are looking for something bright and new to inspire the faith and the spirit in your congregation, and nothing does that quite like then import of the personality of the pastor delivering the message. Maybe even you just have found that what you’ve been using for the past years has become worn out and you’re looking for the same simple styling that has always represented the steadfastness of your church.



Whether you’re looking for something totally new and entirely differently inspired, or you’re just looking for a very simple, very humble suite of pastor robes, clergy shirts and more you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for right at Divinity Clergy Wear. Divinity Clergy Wear has just about the widest selection of robes and vestments for men and women that you’ll be able to find online. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the most austere, severe style of simplicity or you want to completely refresh the vision of your services, you’ll be able to find the robes you set you off on the right foot at Divinity Clergy Wear.


Divinity Clergy Wear represents some of the highest attention to customer service in the online industry for clergy vestments and robes, offers the highest quality of construction and materials, and is committed to providing original, unique styles. Divinity Clergy Wear is uniquely situated to provide you with the robes and vestments you’ll need to execute your vision. All you need to do is visit their site, DivinityClergy Wear.com to get a taste for some of the inspired and original designs they can offer you.


Consider their Class A Vestment, complete with six pieces. This offering represents one of the most fundamental additions to their portfolio of pastor robes and it is a great starting point for investigating what they can offer. It includes a black Anglican cassock and matching black cincture, as well as a white surplice which is ornately decorated with beautiful clerical lace. It also comes with a 3-foot black cord and a silver cross as well as a black tippet. Simple, authoritative and effective, it is the quintessential representation of the pastor robes available at Divinity Clergy Wear.


That being said, there are so many different options in vestments that a simple sweep of their categories or pages will yield a bounty of results. If you’re thinking about adding a little bit of color to your services and want to break away from the traditional black and white, take a look at some of the other robes you will find on their site. They offer pastor robes in black, silver, gold, white, blue, red, purple and more, as well as floridly decorated robes in beautiful combinations of these colors that would really move a congregation. With so many different options in robes and vestments, all that’s needed is for you to visit their site, so take a look today at DivinityClergyWear.com.

A Look At Some Of Our Church Dresses for Women

If there’s one thing that creates a stir and an inspiration among a congregation, it’s a compelling sermon. If there’s another thing, it’s the deportment of the person delivering it. There seems to be no end of options out there for you to choose from when you’re shopping for clergy robes, dresses, vestments and other wear for the members of your church. Shop with a supplier like Divinity Clergywear, who takes pride in the fact that their clergy robes and Church Dresses For Women offer the perfect balance between traditional styles and modern personal flair.


All you have to do is take a quick look through some of their church dresses for women and you’ll see for yourself. There are plenty of humble, traditional options in clergy robes for ladies and church dresses for women like preaching dresses and church suits, but there are plenty of colorful modern options that will make a splash and an impression when paired with the momentum of faith laden speech.



On the one end, they offer simple clergy robes for women like their Mary Clergy Robe For Ladies in black. This is a simple clergy robe that sticks to traditional style and is ideal for those who want to maintain the sternest decorum. They also offer simple yet powerful options with a similar image such as their Rachel Clergy Robe For Ladies in black and silver. It’s flashier than the previous option with its silver pleats and buttons, but it’s muted enough by its black overtones to keep it stern.


To really get an appreciation for what we can offer in terms of church dresses for women, take a look at some of their other options. Consider their Ladies 2 Piece Preaching Skirt Set in Purple (though it also comes in black and white). This purple preaching skirt is bright and commanding, much like the delivery of the sermon that will no doubt accompany it. With a ruffled collar and flared mermaid skirt, it is a moving and imposing lady’s church dress.


Perhaps even more powerful is their Ladies 1 Piece Preaching Robe Dress in black and fuschia. Stern black and vibrant fuschia make up most of the character of the dress, and the accents of rhinestones add a little more light to the package. Crosses embroider the sleeves to give a little more ornamentation to the dress, and plentiful pleats give this dress adequate motion.


One of our most aesthetically pleasing women’s church dresses is our Ladies 1 Piece Preaching Robe Dress in hunter green. It also features rhinestone decoration including buttons down the front and crosses on the sleeves. It offers a full cut fit and paired with the spirited look of its dark hunter green, this dress is another one of the more colorful options at Divinity Clergywear.


You’ll want to take a look at their full line of church dresses for women to find exactly what works for you since there are too many options to explore so briefly. Whether you want something that communicates stringent decorum or something brightly colored with the quickness of living spirit, you’ll find it at DivinityClergywear.com.

Just What Exactly Is A Surplice?

A surplice is a liturgical vestment. There’s your introduction, but you probably already knew that and were really looking for more information, like, for example, what exactly is a Surplice, when is it used, and how is it different from other similar vestments like albs? Those are all good questions, and we can hopefully help with some of them.


To anyone unfamiliar with liturgical vestments it can be fairly difficult to distinguish between them and tell them apart, especially when some of them are only slightly differentiated from each other and are featured in so many different colors.



At its most basic a surplice is a vestment of the Western Church. Typically, they are in the form of a tunic of white linen or cotton, reach to the knees or ankles and sport fairly wide sleeves. In the Anglican church surplices typically had open sleeves and reached almost to the ground. In the Roman Catholic Church, surplices were typically somewhat shorter. Many times, a surplice features lace decoration. As for the nature and significance of the color of white, like many other liturgical garments, they are given to represent the purity of the people who wear them or the purity of divine love.


Surplices contrast with the alb, which is another white garment that is typically girded by a cincture and is worn by ministers. Then alb symbolizes innocence and purity which is why it is typically worn by the ministers in a mass. Although their uses vary slightly by denomination and a few other considerations come into effect as well, surplices are a common sight in many churches.


Because surplices are so commonly paired with cassocks, it’s quite common to see them paired together for sale. For example, if you visit DivinityClergywear.com in search of surplices or other vestments for your clergymen, you’ll find a few options paired with cassocks and other vestments.


For example, Divinity Clergywear sells a Class A Vestment that includes 6 pieces. The package contains an Anglican cassock, a matching cincture belt, a white surplice with traditional clerical lace, a black tippet and a 36-inch cord with a silver cross.


They also offer an option included in their GCPE Approved COGIC Official Class A Vestment that includes 7 pieces. In this package are an Anglican cassock and cincture, a white surplice with lace, a black tippet with the seal of the Church Of God In Christ, and a 36-inch black cord with a silver cross.


If, however, you are only looking for a surplice without having to purchase a package, Divinity Clergywear can set you up with that. Especially if members of your clergy will be wearing a one but do not need any additional vestments, they offer the piece itself. Their Surplice with Lace is the ideal solution for both men and women and is attractively finished. This particular unit offers a squared yoke neck and straight sleeves with lace integrated into its design.


These are a few of the offerings that you will find at DivintyClergywear.com, but if you have additional questions regarding vestments or their uses, give them a call at 877-453-3535.

For Vestments Of Better Quality And Fit, Choose Divinity Clerygwear

Finding the right supplier for Vestments for your Church can be a difficult task, as there are so many choices out there and so much to select from. In a matter so important, it’s much larger than just a selection of style. Vestments should reflect the state of the ordained office where applicable, but they should also communicate the highest sense of dignity, reverence, and respect possible. By sourcing your liturgical vestments from a supplier like Divinity Clergywear that not only supplies high quality, better fitting, clergy wear but also gives back to the community, you can get everything you need in a supplier for vestments.



The liturgical garments you will find at Divinity Clergywear don’t simply reflect the ideals of reverence, humility, and adoration - they are also priced to please while still offering a superior fit and quality of materials. Yet they still communicate the highest levels of respect and humility that you want to evident in your formal vestments. With the traditional styles in clergy wear available at Divinity Clergywear, you can get the best of all worlds in the mix - Great prices, traditional style, excellent fit and polish and a partner that gives back.


Consider one of their basic, simple offerings like their Class A Vestment, including 6 pieces. It comes with a black Anglican Cassock, a matching black Cincture, a white Surplice with traditional Clerical Lace, Black Tippet, a 36 inch black Cord, and a 2x3 Silver Cross. Available in sizes from medium to 8XL, part of the benefit of shopping with Divinity Clergywear is the fact that they have sizes for everyone. Just as the church accepts all with open arms, so too does Divinity Clergywear make it possible for you to find vestments in any size. They’ll even ship this 6 piece order with a robe bag to protect your order during shipment.


That, however, is only one simple offering available at DivinityClergywear.com, to make it easy for you to outfit your clergymen easily and efficiently while still maintaining respect and reverence. If you are interested in assembling your clergy wear yourself, for example in a specific color to suit a specific liturgical event, Divinity Clergywear makes that easy as well.


You can easily find individual Cassocks and Cinctures in different colors, along with individual cords and crosses. You’ll find Chimeres in different liturgical colors as well as Tippets and Surplices. Put together your vestments from the assorted components to better suit the service and the calendar, and do it easily with a little help from Divinity Clergywear.


These are only a few offerings that you can easily find at DivinityClergywear.com. To see their whole list of product offerings, just take a look at their site to see what they can bring you. They are proud to offer a full catalog of clergy robes, preaching jackets, vestments, chimeres, surplices and more. In addition, if you have any questions about their products, their sizes or available colors, just give them a call at 1-877-453-3535. They’d be glad to help you out.

Get Your Clergy Robes for Women At Divinity Clergy Wear

If you’re looking to find the best Clergy Robes For Women, what attributes are you looking for? Are you looking for a selection that will make it easy for you to change up colors in accordance with the liturgical calendar? Are you looking for a wide selection of clergy robes for women that doesn’t just include many sizes and colors but goes further? For example, are you interested in finding a selection of clergy robes for women that offers you simple, modest designs for certain ceremonies but allows you to exhibit greater expression at other times while still putting forth a front of humility and respect?



If any of these qualities appeal to you, you can probably also add a few more prerequisites to the list. Naturally, you’ll want to invest in quality clergy robes and accessories, crafted finely from the highest quality materials. It would also be nice to find those same garments are reasonable, even affordable prices and from a community-minded supplier that does the good work. Add in a couple of bonuses like fast shipping and you have the makings of a supplier you can turn to time and time again for the outfitting of your clergymen and women.


Here’s a bit of good news. You can find the styles you want when you want them right at Divinity Clergywear, and the prices just can’t be beaten. Of course, they can also outfit you with the designs that suit your fancy and there’s no shortage of interesting and attractive styles to fit the occasion ideally. All you need to do is take a look at the offerings there to get a sense of it.


Take a look at one of their basic offerings like their Gershon Clergy Robe For Ladies In Black. As humble and worldly as black is when used in the Church, this particular clergy robe is admirably, even beautifully embellished with an elegant brocade pattern and features white crosses on the cuffs to give a little bit of sharp contrast to the robes. It’s a rare look to see a black garment so wonderfully adorned as this one, and yet it is a dignified and handsome approach to a black clergy robe.


On the other hand, consider the same robe in white. Their Gershon Clergy Robe For Ladies In White features the same cut and styling as the former entry, but in the symbolic glory of white. Symbolic of the Savior’s divine love for the world, white is a beautiful and inspiring way to outfit your clergy members and this robe is an equally wonderful way to do so.


Yet Divinity Clergywear also offers many other clergy robes for women in many colors, patterns and styles that will leave you with no shortage of options. Just take a look at the bright and original options you can find at DivinityClergywear.com and find the robes that work best for you. Whether you’re looking for a colorful preaching dress, a church suit or a robe and cincture, you’ll find many options waiting for you at Divinity Clergywear.